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Our Products

We are continually working to make our materials more sustainable and make a positive environmental impact.

We are committed to being kinder to our planet. With our heritage of exploration and discovery, it’s in our nature. As we drive to be better, we are making positive changes and setting ambitious targets throughout our supply chain by introducing innovative and more sustainable materials and manufacturing.

A Positive Impact

By 2022, every product we produce will make a positive social or environmental impact and by 2025, all of our key materials will be 100 per cent traceable – helping our products to have a positive environmental and social impact for years to come.

Recycled Materials

We are designing exceptional products made from innovative materials. The ECONYL® collection is crafted from a sustainable nylon yarn made from regenerated fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic. We have also introduced a bio-based nylon made from renewable resources such as castor oil, and polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. We will source 100 per cent certified recycled nylon and recycled polyester by 2025, where nylon or polyester is the product’s main material.

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Organic Fabrics

We are continuing our use of organic, recycled and certified materials as part of our ambition to build a more sustainable future. By 2025 we will source 100 per cent certified wool, supporting certifications that uphold the highest animal welfare standards.
Organic fabrics

Our Packaging

We have redesigned our packaging to reflect our sustainability goals. Our signature oak paper is made from a minimum of 40 per cent upcycled coffee cups that would otherwise have gone to landfill. It is fully recyclable and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Our products are transported on recyclable hangers and in garment bags made from 100 per cent recycled polyester.

Our Communities

Our Communities

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